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Christina The Designer

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I love art and technology so I wanted a job that would incorporate the two. I began my graphic design career back in the days of Flash, Dreamweaver, and Quark. Since the program I completed in art school was heavily focused on print design, I was left to my own devices as far as web design. I'm no stranger to the learning process and love that in this career I will always constantly be learning something new. The challenge is to stay ahead of the trends and catch on to what is up and coming as well as cutting edge. I studied HTML, CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap, Python and Ruby through Codecademy, Udemy and other online resources. I consider myself a visual person and a visual learner. YouTube has been a great resource to support my learning approach. Currently I belong to Girls in Tech Seattle, Girl Develop It, Learn to Code Seattle, Seattle JSHackers, Women who Code, and Seattle WordPress Meetup Groups.

My skill set includes Adobe Suite (PhotoShop, InDesign, AfterEffects, Illustrator), HTML5 / CSS3, WordPress, Web Design, Print Design, Bootstrap, Proficiency on cross platforms both Mac and PC, GitBash, GitHub, BitBucket, Current coding languages I'm learning include Javascript, Python and Ruby.

Besides my professional and creative career, I've been into GAMING since I was 5 years old. My first system being a 8-bit NES, I now have an impressive collection of games. Technology of gaming has just blown me away from where we started to where we are now. Being born in the 80s I was around at the beginning of the gaming revolution and I'm very eager to see how interactive gaming and the entertainment industry in general will use technological advances to further our experiences.



Responsive Web Design using HTML, CSS, WordPress, Bootstrap, Wix, Squarespace.


Trade Show Materials, Logo Design, Spreads and Multipage Layouts, and more using Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop.


Give your brand more visibility by using some of the best practices in the business.

Wedding Assistance

Wedding Craft, Decor, and Design. Check it out: → ChristinaTheDesigner Weddings

SM Management

Maintain the face of your business. Engage your customers while keeping them informed on the most popular social platforms.


Christina has an affinity for all things creative. She likes to knit, sew, build cat beds, sculpt, draw, paint, bead, upholster, craft, and game in her spare time! Though she is busy creating she always has time for her KITTIES and her HUSBAND She might even get a chance to write in her GAMING BLOG

Feel free to contact Christina about quotes, project ideas, or just to say hi! If you are a gamer and there's a game she need to try, let her know!