About Me

Designer. Artist. Gamer. Daydreamer.

I'm what you would call a late bloomer. I didn't know what I wanted to do until my senior year in high school. I then decided I wanted to be an artist. Which is a problem because you spend your four years in high school developing your skill, technique and portfolio. My senior year was geared towards learning all I could and creating a college level art portfolio. My art teacher, Mr. Macdonough said he thought there was something different about me he was convinced I would be able to get into an art college with diligence, time, and perseverance. He said my ability to conceptualize was different. He could tell from the first project he gave of the senior year.

We were given a sticky note. And a tiny sticky dot. "Put this dot on this piece of paper to express how you feel right now," said Mr. Macdonough. Most stuck their dot in the center. Others slightly to left or right. I stuck mine in the bottom left corner half on half off the paper. You see it was my senior year and I was in a new school. I felt like I didn't belong. I was just beginning and entering in something new but something that I was unfamiliar with. I was feeling a bit off. This was the best way I felt to visually express that feeling with a dot and piece of paper.

With late nights at school (with some help from Mr. Macdonough and the TA Mrs. Roberts)I created a portfolio and was accepted into Massachusetts College of Art. I had a fascination with technology and was into art so I thought what better way than to combine the two and become a graphic designer.

Hobbies of mine include video games (have been an avid gamer since age 5), running (getting back into it after injuries - hoping to run the Boston Marathon sometime in my life. I have run the Boston Half Marathon), learning coding (currently learning Ruby, Python, Javascript), cooking (Bacon wrapped tenderloin is my signature dish), and keeping up with current design trends.